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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Executed Chinese Prisoner Organs Sold As Far Away As England...

A company, based in Guangzhou, has been recruiting patients for the organs of executed prisoners, reportedly as far away as England.
A Chinese company has begun marketing kidneys, livers and other organs from executed prisoners to sick Britons in need of transplants.

Hospital Doctor, a British magazine, earlier this month reported that a firm called Transplants International was trying to recruit British patients.

Operations were to be carried out at Guangzhou Air Force Military Hospital by doctors from a hospital affiliated with the nearby Sun Yat-sen Southern University.
I guess what they do is the patient flies into Guangzhou [the organs are not shipped to England-and apparently no one from England has yet to have a executed prisoner organ transplant] and the transplant is done there. The operations are done at military hospitals since they have access to the patients for some time prior to execution. It also allows the doctors to check blood-types to ensure greater compatibility. I suppose waiting for bodies from the multitudes of fatal accidents in China is just not very convenient.

One may wonder why patients come? I suppose that if you are in a desperate need for an organ, this is one way that you could save your life. But I also suppose, that if there are risks that people may be found guilty of crimes punishable by execution if there is a huge demand for these Frankenstein monster body parts. So don't piss-off your local officials there or they may turn you into to harvest your organs for profit.


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