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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Bomb Iran...

Well, it looks as if Iran's push to arm itself with nuclear bombs is moving forward and it will only be a couple of years before they will be able to deliver the payload to Israel and some of Europe. As has been indicated recently in various news reports, the European negotiators are finding out that diplomacy without the capability of retaliatory threat is destined to fail, and this losing strategy is probably not going to work with Iran, either. So inevitably, Europe will have to come to the US to solve this problem like they did with Kosovo.

The Tradesports market still is only giving odds of a overt strike prior to June 2006 as 15% but this rises to 38% for March 2007. With Ariel Sharon being incapacitated and political turmoil in Israel, the chances of aggressive action to reduce the threat from the crazy Iranian mullahs has declined, at least near term, and the Iranians are taking more aggressive actions to speed up the production of their nuclear capabilities as of late.

One day these crazy Islamists will blow up a city and kills hundreds of thousands of people and there will be no one to blame but the complacent peaceniks that fight our ability to cut down the risks at every turn. Of course they will blame everyone else but themselves but we all know why something like this is happening. Maybe the peaceniks will respond aggressively with a protest. Jeez.


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