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Monday, March 06, 2006

Going Postal....

I went down to the post-office today to get my mail forwarded to my new address. I handed the form into the postal employee who promptly asked me dozens of questions. Of course I asked why, as I usually do since I am just not an expert in everything under the sun. So the postal employeee glared back at me annoyed that I even dared to ask a question and that I did not take the time to read the many terms and conditions on the back of the form.

In typical passive-aggressive post office form, she used her body language and silent responses to my question as to what I can do and cannot do to communicate to me that I am just another foreign devil. It ends up that I crossed out all the individual names and just used our surname since all household members of the age of 11 or older have to sign the form and provide their ID card number. So hopefully just using the family name will suffice to have all the mail forwarded.

Also, hopefully, the change of address will also prompt my wife to change some fo the accounts that she has in her maiden name to her married name since we have been betrothed for over 15 years already.


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