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Milton J. Madison - An American Refugee Now Living in China, Where Liberty is Ascending

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Europe Has Been The Vanguard Of Domestic Wiretapping....

With all the blah, blah coming out of Democrats mouths these days, I am frightened on their lack of comprehension of what has to be done about the enemy that we face. Additionally, the American press agenda laden reporting on the issue and their inability to report on wiretapping without leaving out vast swathes of information is amazing. The press even has defined the NSA program as domestic wiretapping when it clearly is not [a long winded post here. Its all near the end after the rant about Google]. So, this actually came as a surprise to me...
Since the September 11 attacks and the terrorist bombings that followed in Madrid and London, authorities across the Continent are getting more powers to electronically eavesdrop, and meeting less public opposition than President Bush has over his post-September 11 wiretapping program.
The great socialist heaven of Europe has dealt with the internal security issues surrounding Muslim fanatics with out the juvenile debate that we in the US has endured.


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