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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Li Ka-shing's Parknshop and Jardines Wellcome Selling Food Tainted With Poison To Unwitting Customers....

The wealthiest tycoons and taipans in Hong Kong are again screwing consumers by selling tainted and poisonous produce in their stores according to Greenpeace...
Greenpeace today exposes Parknshop and Wellcome, the biggest supermarket chains in the territory, are selling problem vegetables containing illegal pesticide and excessive pesticide residue. Greenpeace's sampling and investigation was conducted from November 2005 to March 2006, the findings are alarming. In one Choi Sum sample collected in Wellcome's store, dangerously high level of pesticide residue -- 240 times over the EU standard -- was found.
Tycoons and the big conglomerates believe it is their right to screw consumers in the territory of Hong Kong. Since the supermarket business is effectively a monopoly, it is very difficult to get them to comply with being good corporate citizens.

The supermarkets have a duty to the their customers to ensure that the produce that they buy is free from dangerous chemicals and this report shows that they have been lax and uncaring in their duty. The consumer cannot be expected to check for these kinds of things. And given all the problems in recent years with food from the PRC being tainted or dangerous, where are the corporate safeguards or the Hong Kong's government's intervention on the behalf of the people? It should be embarrassing to these do nothing bureaucrats but they are showing that they just don;t care.

Tycoons in Hong Kong would poison your sorry ass if it meant that they could make a little extra money to add to their billions. They are a scourge on Hong Kong and dangerous to its hard working honest people.

Li Ka-shing obviously only has his own interests in mind.


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