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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Why Do They Hate Us So Much?

This is a question that a fellow American asked me a couple of years back. My question to him, was why do they hate the people of Bali so much? Yes, they killed Aussies but they seem to be intent on destroying the economy and livlihoods of the Balinese. And we can also ask why do they hate the Spanish, British, Filipinos, etc. Its not just us that they hate but something more.

The natural reaction by thinkers in the West is to ask 'why do they hate us?' as if we are the ones to blame and there is some fault of ours so heinous that they have a justifiable reason to try to kill us. Brain Terminal has a good piece on this and puts some interesting thoughts into words. But I have my own thoughts.

Well, its not just the jihadists that hate us. In my travels to Europe, as of late, the legions of hate include the Germans, French, Dutch, UN employees and some Brits. I think that lots of this hate from our former European allies comes from the fact that their great social experiment is failing. After using the US to stand toe-to-toe with the Russians and defend their liberty and lives against Soviet expansionism, they had the opportunity to indulge in creating a nihilistic philosophy so very European they now are flailing around trying to find their way. Their economics have failed them and their godless social structure has left them so little to believe in. They just cannot fathom that Americans with their simple life of believing in God, hard work, stricture moral structure and seemingly foolish and innocent approach to life actually works. Unable to defend themselves against the jihadists they prefer to blame the US for the problem than to grapple with it headon. Its so much easier to blame the US for all their problems than to risk infuriating some maniac Muslim to kill some of their citizens. Europe has already capitulated.

Liberal Americans [remember liberalism=Laziness]find it much more convenient to blame everything on one man, George Bush, as if all of this hate is justifiable because of him. Of course, they hated him before he was elected, hated him after he was elected, hated him for allowing 9/11 to happen, hated him for invading Afghanistan, hated him for invading Iraq, hate him for not immediately solving the problems in Iran and North Korea and will continue to hate him no matter what happens. The way I figure it, its so much easier to hate and blame him than to face up to the risks that we face today. A jihadist may try to kill you, but GWB will not. So if you push back against the frothing at the mouth Muslim fanatic, he may slice your throat. Liberals react to this by pushing back at GWB since they know that GWB won't capriciously kill them. Its laziness.

And why do the jihadists and Muslims hate us so much? Again, its like the lazy liberals. Its more convenient to blame someone else than to look inward at their failings and shortcoming. Just the fact that there are a billion or so moronic Muslims yapping about the tiny state of Israel just shows how incredibly silly they have become. Portraying the root of their problem being some vast Jewish conspiracy fomented by 5 million Jews in Israel and another 10 million worldwide is mystifying. How incredibly weak and helpless they are in the face of the onslaught. So they have to figure that the evil Jews must be getting assistance from the powerful US. So, for this gigantic conspiracy I have to award all the Muslims around the world my tinfoil hat award....


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