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Friday, June 16, 2006

Neo-con Natan Sharansky....

Whenever I hear this guy speak or read his material I can see the wisdom of his ways. One cannot negoatiate with a dictatorship.
GP: Rarely do we hear the Left in this country speaking up for freedom and democracy of those being persecuted in the world today. Madeleine Albright recently spoke out about helping to build a country's infrastructure before haveing a free and democratic election. What are your thoughts?

Sharansky: What the Clinton Administration did in Korea was wrong and did not work. You can see what it resulted in. The North Koreans have nuclear weapons today. Likewise, when President Clinton refused to demand democratic change from Arafat for Palestine, fearing it would cause instability, he did not help the peace process at all.
I have to read more of his stuff.


At 8:27 AM, Blogger bernie said...

I have a fast loading mp3 of the call at Natan Sharansky Talks with Bloggers MP3


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