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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thai Citizens Warned On The Dangers Of Traveling To France....

Thai embassy officials have been robbed several times in France and now Thai citizens are being warned about the dangers of traveling to France, here.
Foreign Ministry has cautioned Thai citizens to consider postponing or canceling traveling to France particularly this period because of the threat of crime.

The ministry issued the warning in a statement on Tuesday which said that several robberies or thefts had occurred involving cars belonging to the Thai Embassy in Paris.
I have been to France several times and never have had many problems other than dangerous road situations due to rude and dangerous French drivers. However, I did notice that there were many people jumping turnstiles in the Paris underground railways, the Metro and the RER, and incidents involving travelers getting pushed by robbers. In fact, since this is such a common occurrence in Paris, that there are loads of plainclothes police at major junctions and I have seen more than once the apprehension of criminals.

I remember back home in New York City a number of years ago, that turnstile jumping was a common occurrence and former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani instituted a zero tolerance policy for quality of life issues and lawlessness in these venues. In Paris, the turnstile jumpers that I saw were largely blacks, probably African immigrants or their children that did not feel compelled to follow the rules or be courteous to others.


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