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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Why It Is Impossible For The UN To Be Effective As A Peacemaking Force....

The UN has had a force on the border of Israel and Lebanon since 1978. So why is Hezbollah able to operate there with impunity? Because Hezbollah bribes the UN peacekeepers as explained here. The UN gives false hope to the world, or maybe this is a false hope that people want to hear, so that they can wash their hands of the problems.

Additionally, the UN Blue Helmets have themselves committed awful crimes while on their peacekeeping missions....
As some commenters have pointed out, there is a very long record of the UN being extremely lax towards crimes committed by its peacekeepers in many other places--for example, the rapes of women and girls in former Yugoslavia, Cambodia, West Africa, and the Congo. The global record suggests, again, a corporate culture of indifference (despite official statements to the contrary) towards employee on-the-job involvement in violent crime; the evidence of a global culture of indifference is more evidence which a fact-finder could use in concluding that crimes of the Indian brigade were attributable to the UN.
So why even talk about sending more Blue Helmets to the troubled region? They won't eliminate Hezbollah terrorists, will be subject to bribery their by Hezbollah and have a historical record of committing crimes against the local population themselves.

And of course, everyone knows that the UN had a ground force in Rwanda while 500,000 people were being slaughtered, but did nothing to stop it. So why even bother sending them?


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