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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Why There Is Just No Way That There Can Be a Black President...

After President Bush made the statement that Barak Obama, the nearly black candidate for the Democratic nomination for president of the US, was articulate, lots of black folks came onto TV railing about how white folk cannot call a black candidate articulate. And this was after another Democratic candidate, Sen. Joe Biden, caused and uproar after calling Osama Barak Obama, "clean." You know, we all knew what President Bush and Sen. Joe Biden meant and the context in what these comments were made. So now we still have to spend time and expend energies going over these idiotic semantic word parsing.

Imagine the race baiting that would go on as a political tool to get all kinds of stupid things done if a black person were to be elected President. No one would be able to say anything about everything without risking being accused of being racist from all kinds of obtuse angles. Imagine the debates, how diffiicult it would be to stay afloat after armies of peoples decifer each and every word a candidate mutters and what the "experts" think that the debater meant in the weird contectual world of political correctness.

This lunacy is the direct result of political correctness, out of control liberalism and constant use of race baiting tactics by Democrats. I remember the hope for better race relations upon the elections of an articulate black man, David Dinkins, as mayor of New York City and the total mess that he made of the city and the disaster he was for race relations during his singel term.

If blacks and Democrats continue to insist on trying to get a political edge by playing the race card, it will be impossible to elect any black person to nationwide office.

And, just so you know, I refuse to use the term African-American when referring to blacks or mulatto peoples. I never expect people to call me European-American and I would view that as an insult since Europeans could hardly be further from my beliefs, political positions and way of life.


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