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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Flat Earth Society....

Given my opinions on the prospects of global warming, I figured that I should also join the "Flat Earth Society" whose website can be found here. For me, in my daily life, it just doesn't matter if the earth is flat or round. Also, I see no point in arguing about it since there is so little that I can do. The flatness or roundness of the earth is already baked into the cake and it just something that I have to live with. Also, the evidence of the roundness of the earth is just a scam foisted on us by one individual, Grigori Efimovich ( AKA Christopher Columbus) and perpetuated by silly science probably funded by the airlines or some other oligopoly business....
Then, in the year of our Lord fourteen-hundred and ninety-two, it all changed. For decades a small band of self-proclaimed "enlightened" individuals had been spouting their heretical nonsense that the Earth was in fact round. Citing "proof" based on nothing more than assumptions, half-truths and blind guesses, they dazzled the populace with their " . . . undeniable mathematical and scientific evidence . . . that the world is shaped not like a pancake, but an orange!"

Rightly wishing to dispel notions regarding the alleged citrus-like shape of our planet, the Church was able to either silence or execute nearly all the fanatics. But a small handful remained, continuing to spread their blasphemous speeches and to promote their heretical ideals involving the very center of the universe. One of their number, who called himself Grigori Efimovich, would later be known to the rest of the world as Christopher Columbus. Using an elaborate setup involving hundreds of mirrors and a few burlap sacks, he was able to create an illusion so convincing that it was actually believed he had sailed around the entire planet and landed in the West Indies. As we now know, he did not. What Efimovich actually did was sail across the Atlantic Ocean to a previously undiscovered continent, North America, and even then only to a small island off the coast. It took him several years more even to "discover" his blunder and claim it as a " . . . new world". But the damage had already been done, and mankind entered into what we now call its "Dark Ages"
Also, I know that the world is probably flat and that is has a edge that one can fall off into a stinking burning place. That place, if one wants to experience it first hand, is also commonly known as Manila, but it is actually the stinking burning edge of the earth.

Proof, well how about this proof, take a citrus orange and pour a glass of water on it. What happens to the water? It runs off and none of it stays on the top of the orange where you poured the water. Now pour that glass of water on a plate. What happens? It stays there. See! Now go outside and pour that same glass of water on the ground. Does it roll off out of sight like the water on the orange? No, it does not. This is proof that world is flat and not round like a citrus orange. So this is a simple experiment that you can do on your own that proves that the earth is flat.

So, don't listen to all the "scientists" that are telling us that the earth is warming. They are probably using the same false science that has convinced many many unenlightened people that the earth is round like a citrus, has, it just makes me chuckle to myself. In any case, whether round or flat, there is little that we can do about it anyway!

Today, I tried to join the Flat Earth Society, but the website seems to not be active. Maybe it is being cyber attacked by those evil round earthers that don't want to promote the truth and perpetuate the myths of a round earth and of global warming!

Enjoy your day!


At 10:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You, sir, are ignorant. There happens to be a little thing we people who live in the real world know as gravity.

At 11:37 PM, Blogger glenzo said...

I am so pleased that on rare occasions that creatures like you pop your square little heads from under the slimy little rocks you live under.


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