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Sunday, March 25, 2007

More On Sunspot Activity And Climate Impacts...

Sunspot and radiation impacting the earth may have climate change potential as indicated here.....
Quite evident in the most recent several hundred years of the isotopic records is a seventy-year period of very low solar activity in the 17th and early 18th centuries--known as the Maunder Minimum--and following it, an unsteady, long-term rise to the present-day era of high sunspot numbers, called the Modern Maximum (Fig. 2 c, d). By applying what has been learned about solar radiation changes from the recent measurements from space, we can infer that this gradual build-up in solar activity over several hundred years may have been accompanied by a parallel increase in the radiation received from the Sun.
This report, written in 1996, is an interesting read for people that have been following the climate change non-debate. The impact of sunspot activity and natural variations of the Sun's radiation on the Earth is still unknown due to a severe lack of accurate data that amounts to only decades of readings.


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