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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Changes To The China On-child Policy....

Through a combination of rising incomes, farmers with a need to children to do the back breaking labor and a demographic timebomb, where China's population will age very very rapidly surpassing the average age in even developed countries shortly, the wise old men in Beijing have decided to adjust the one-child policy. 30-40% of the population is now exempt through a dizzying and confusing array of exemptions. Of course, in the big cities, a nice big apartment, a BMW and a second child will be status symbols to be paraded to envious friends and relatives.

Of course, in communist China, the slogans are going to change. Such favorites as...
“Add 10 graves rather than one more baby.”
“Better to let blood turn into a
river than to add a new person to our population.”
“Raise fewer babies and
more pigs.”
“Those who do not follow the one-child policy will see their
homes collapsed and families broken.”
Are on their way out.

To be replaced by such soon to become memorable slogans as...
“Mother Earth is exhausted, no longer able to bear with more children.”
“High-quality babies, fewer daily troubles.”
“Children are the flowers of the mother land; senior citizens are the wealth of our society.”
Given the demographics, if wealth is measured by the number of pensioners, then China will truly be a very rich country.


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