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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Disaster For the Democrats....

This is something that I have been thinking for a quite some time, particularly while military deaths were going through their increase this past Spring, what would the bloviating Democrats do if military deaths starts to decrease as we see now? The hard facts are, that US military deaths have been declining and despite Iraq still being a mess, in the hands of barbarian Muslim crazies, It appears as if the military and the Iraqis have a grip on the troubles facing them. The decline in US military deaths for the past 4 months should be a victory but it is also a disaster, a disaster for the Democrats.

Iraq Coalition Casualties

The Democrats, who desire that our boys keep dying in Iraq, primarily as a tool to keep clubbing Bush and as a foil to run against Republicans next November. But that awful stance may backfire in their yellow faces if the military actually wins in Iraq. So Democrats, the party of US defeat, may actually not achieve their goals of getting beaten in the conflict in Iraq. Democrats are nto interested in protecting the US and couldn't give a hoot what-so-ever to prosecute or win the war on terror, but deign to gain a toehold so that they can can create some monstrous health care plan that offers economic risk that may destroy the US or allows them to micro-manage health care policy to the extent that no normal human would ever desire. The Democrats are most interested in socialist economic policies and that revolves around controlling healthcare and eventually through the idiotic global warming, regulating nearly everything we do.

In case there was any debate, amongst those that do not know me at all, and I do not encourage any of this kind of silly debate since I will never, ever vote for a Democrat as long as I live. I say, and want to be clear, that I cannot stand Democrats and have almost no respect for them or their socialist populist policies. Furthermore, I think that they should all go screw themselves, where they would do at least someone some little bit of good for at least themselves. And you European brain-dead bozos, go screw yourselves too. If you don't like fighting barbarian Arabs, go to the moon where you all can feel at home.


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