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Friday, November 30, 2007

Some Common Sense On Global Warming....

As we know from global warming messiah and Nobel Prize winner, Al Gore.....

1. you are bad.
2. if you don't ride a bike you are bad
3. we have to control your wasteful ways
4. only the government can protect you from yourself
5. only we know what to do
6. we will regulate your behavior for your own good

Good that Al Gore will save us. The messiah has arrived to save man-kind. Jeesh.

I read this and this is the money-quote...
Messrs. Nordhaus and Shellenberger want "an explicitly pro-growth agenda," on the theory that investment, innovation and imagination may ultimately do more to improve the environment than punitive regulation and finger-wagging rhetoric. To stabilize atmospheric carbon levels will take more--much more--than regulation; it will require "unleashing human power, creating a new economy."
See, where I differ from the hysterical global warming crowd, is that i have faith in people. I see the technological improvement achieved over the past 150 years and think that we will continue to improve our ability to solve problems. I also think that by taxing or hurting some of the most dynamic economies that exist in the world, that we may reduce the capacity to solve problems. Technology and human understanding is geometric whereas our problems are multiplicative. Just ask Malthus.


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