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Thursday, December 27, 2007


The new verb in the American vernacular, swiftboating, refers to the surge of negative ads and other accusations against a candidate that the writer feels are unfair. In the case of candidate John Kerry in the 2004 presidential race, 'swiftboating' refers to the questions and accusations raised on his service in the military in Vietnam and his behavior following the service. Most of the claims made against John Kerry, principally by fellow serviceman, John O'Neill, were never answered by Kerry during the campaign despite him being fully capable of doing so. Current popular belief is that he did release the records and other material that the accusation focused on and that these accusation have been effectively rebutted. But, in reality, few of the accusations lofted by the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth have been answered and the specific military records asked for still have not been requested nor released by Kerry.

Additionally, the American press have taken almost no interest what-so-ever in the story, principally, in my opinion, since they refused to dig deeply into the story while the accusations were being made. Their complicity in protecting the Democrat Kerry shows that the press is not an honest arbitrator of information particularly when it comes to politics. The press will attempt to protect a Democratic candidate if they can while pursuing stories such as the ridiculous story based on forged documents foisted upon us by Dan Rather and feeble CBS News organization just days before the election in an attempt to smear George Bush. Why isn't their a word to describe that? Maybe because it is too scary to imagine that the American press is complicit in overtly supporting one candidate over another dishonestly.

Here is more information on the swiftboating of John Kerry.


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