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Monday, March 10, 2008

Someone Didn't Paid Off Enough...

"Lust Caution," the slow moving sexually charged sensation directed by Ang Lee, caused quite a bit of consternation by PRC officials not by its political message but its sexual content.

Further to that, they are now trying to ban people involved in the movie from participating in entertainment in the PRC...
In a statement dated March 7, titled "Reassertion of Censorship Guidelines," SARFT said it had informed all major film and broadcast entities and governing bodies that it was renewing prohibitions on "lewd and pornographic content" and content that "show promiscuous acts, rape, prostitution, sexual intercourse, sexual perversity, masturbation and male/female sexual organs and other private parts." However, the public notice, posted on SARFT's Web site, did not specifically mention "Lust" or Tang.

In addition, all awards shows in China were advised to exclude Tang and the producers of "Lust, Caution" from their list of guests, while discussions about the film and Tang on online forums were deleted, Hong Kong newspaper Oriental Daily reported Friday.
How unbelievably shallow and trite the commies are these days. Are they actually wasting their time on this stuff? Trying in typical Maoist fashion of stamping out everything associated with this case. Why bother? Maybe they have to keep proving that they are in control and feel the need to behave like this against a silly movie and the people involved in its production. Maybe they expected to get more bribes then they received. Or maybe they actually feel compelled to attack this kind of entertainment but I just cannot understand this kind of juvenile behavior since the movie wasn't that good but the story was somewhat visually interesting despite its plodding tempo. they could better spend their time on other immoral activities like KTV instead of a simple movie.


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