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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Perfect Storm....

You have to give Democrats lots of credit for their primary fight to feature a woman and a sort-of 'Black' candidate. And in true Democratic fashion, they couldn't help themselves and played the race card, this time not against Republicans but against themselves. Additionally, Clinton supporters are feeling that the Democrats have treated their candidate shabbily and have allowed sexism to creep into the fight designed to injure her campaign....
But as others watched a campaign that starred two possibly transformative figures, they felt a growing conviction that the contest was unfair. Mrs. Clinton’s supporters point to a nagging series of slights: the fixation on her clothes, even her cleavage; chronic criticism that her voice is shrill; calls for her to exit the race; and most of all, the male commentators in the news media who, they argue, were consistently tougher on her than on Mr. Obama.
So the perfect storm for Democrats is that no matter who wins, the loser can claim all kinds of racism/sexism victimization. Democrats without victims is like McDonalds without hamburgers. The gas in the Democrats tank is victimization. So, through this campaign process, huge swaths of the Democratic party and the nation can claim to be a victim of racism/sexism from the party that raison d'etre is to protect these very people from these crimes.


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