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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Finding Racism In Every Comment......

I have called Presidential hopeful Barak Obama a lightweight. This is apparently considered to be a somewhat racist comment, as we can see in this article here.

The argument goes that almost any adjective describing the Obamessiah or the Obama candidacy can be construed as racist. So my argument that the Obamessiah is a lightweight, is racist and this is how it goes; lightweight draws attention to the fact that Obama is skinny. And if one has seen the movie 'Blackhawk Down' where the Somalians were called 'skinnies,' the term skinnies was a derogatory term, like 'slope' (referring to Asians) or 'jerry' (referring to Germans during WWII) and therefore, get this, calling the Obamessiah a lightweight is somehow channelling the derogatory term 'skinny'. Jeez.

Basically, no matter what anyone calls Barak Obama that isn't clearly positive, they can and will be labelled as a racist or subliminally conjuring up racism. I have also read that I, since I was born a Caucasian, am genetically prone to racism and its something that i am unaware of consciously. For some reason, according these silly theories, I cannot help myself and I am just racist naturally in my normal state of being. Well, if this is the case, then I am perfectly justified in not wanting to vote or support the Barak Obamessiah and frankly, then i am justified in not wanting him as President and therefore, fortunately, since I can't help myself, I won't even feel guilty about it. I guess my racism is the same as being thirsty, hungry or needing a certain amount of sleep every night.

However, the real reason I will not vote for the Obamessiah, is that he is an uber-Liberal that I feel would support destructive socialist policies that will damage the long-term prospects of my nation. Additionally, he is inexperienced and not deserving of the position of President of the United States. If one wants to accuse me of racism on my position, then so be it. I can argue against this line of inquiry since I would love to vote for a man like Michael Steele, a Republican black man that ran for Senator of Maryland in 2006 and was beaten by milquetoast Democrat Ben Cardin. But since he ran in Maryland and has not had the opportunity to run for position that I can vote for, then I will have to withhold my vote till that time.


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