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Saturday, September 06, 2008

McCain=Bush 3 ???

The DemNOcrats have tried to make the McCain candidacy the 3rd term of George W. Bush. One could also say the next president is the 56th term of George Washington. But to say that John McCain is anything like George W. Bush is just silliness and I like GWB. I am exceedingly happy that I voted for him on several levels. One being that he drives liberals crazy, but I also know, from speaking to my uber-liberal family members and their attitude towards him even before he took office, that he would never have gotten a fair shake from the crazy left. I know that the past 8 years been a tough time for the US, but its been tough in many many places in the world. Specifically, where I think that GWB has made a big mistake, like going crazy on domestic spending, he loses his luster as the President that I voted for. A Republican should never try to out-Democrat Democrats by spending wildly on silly social programs. The apex of REpublicanism in recent history, wasn't really the Reagan years but the years that REpublicans ran the Newt Gingrich Congress.

But back to McCain. He is own man. No one can argue sensibly otherwise. And I think that this encapsulates him quite well...
McCain has bucked his party's base: on immigration as recently as last year; on global warming; on campaign-finance reform.

Republicans nominated him even though they know that, if elected, he will drive them insane. He'll be too chummy with Democrats. They also know that, unlike the ousted GOP congressional leadership, he will fight pork-barrel spending. Most important, they trust that he'll do what must be done in Iraq and Afghanistan -- no matter what the polls say.
McCain is not my favorite. He will drive me crazy. But I would never vote for a socialist and therefore I will never pull the lever for Democrats. Therefore, I am 100% behind John McCain and his breathe of fresh air, Sarah Palin running mate.


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