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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is Obama Secretly Sensible.....

A Obamessiah supporter, one that is a blue blue Democrat, told me that he too had concerns that The One is the anti-Christ. However, he also thinks that the Obamessiah will "surprise me." I suppose, in other words, that whatever socialist tendencies and his associations with Marxists and radicals central to the hard left orthodoxy will be eschewed and make way for a more traditional American sensible policy.

Why should anyone think this other than a matter of faith? The anti-Christ will fool people into thinking that he is not what he is. This is a being that spent 20 years sitting in the pew of a racial/politcal church and supposedly did not notice the radical preaching spewed by the preacher there. Huh?
conservative Christians are offended by how the secular left has greeted Obama as a messianic figure. The hosannas during Obama's Europe trip were so over-the-top that London Times columnist Gerard Baker ridiculed the senator's visit as akin to Christ's entrance into Jerusalem. The BBC interviewed a worshipful German who described Obama as his "redeemer." Fox found another who exalted his "new messiah." To the question, "Who do you say that I am?" some Europeans made their choice as Obama swept into their presence.
So, now were are to believe that he really won't be as radical as we fear? Then why didn't he run that way?
As Obama's election has seemed to become more likely in the past six weeks, a quiet but public debate has arisen among both Republicans and Democrats that wonders which Obama we might get. Will it be the prudent, moderate, pragmatic, sensible president who will apply non-ideological, centrist policies? Or will it be the Obama who sought out the company of radicals, black racists, faculty-lounge Marxists and studied the methods of Saul Alinsky?

Many hope that it is the sensible centrist who will emerge -- even though it has been his style and cautiously evasive comments, rather than his substance, that have sounded so reasonable and calm. It is that moderate tone that has led some recent Republican Obama supporters to hope that he is just lying about his views and is secretly "sensible."
Sensible? Not!!!!!!!


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