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Friday, October 17, 2008

That Crazy Little Voice In My Head........

I have always had this little voice in my head and I have explained it to myself as instinct. It seems to know when I am making incorrect decisions, particularly investment decisions and this little voice seems to be somewhat prescient.

However, this little voice has been somewhat more active as of late. July of 2007, it told me, when I was looking at my investments, to sell them all. It was quite emphatic to sell them all. I sold some but could not do much since I am an optimist. It told me to sell again last Fall. I did sell some reluctantly but could not do much since I am an optimist. After the market opened weak in January of this year, I reloaded my investments since I am optimist. This was my optimism not my little voice and it has not proven to be such a good decision.

When I was walking through my house a couple of months ago, the little voice kept repeating over and over that the market may crash. I couldn't get this thought out of my head and I ignored it. Since the beginning of October, the market has crashed.

As of late, however, my little voice wakes me up late at night. I wake up every night at 3 AM. When I awoke two nights ago to tell me that the Dow Jones will fall more than 700 points, it told me specifically 777. It was wrong. It had fallen only 733 points. Last night when I got back from a show. It told me that when I get home the market will be down 128 points. It was relieved when it was only down 98 but it fell quickly and I immediately turned off the TV when -128 was flashing on the lower right hand corner. It told me 338. I said, 'oh no, DJIA -338 today??' It said no, maybe up and laughed. I do not know what 338 means the DJIA was up 401.

The little voice has told me recently not to worry any more. The little voice also told me to buy canned food just in case. Seems a little bit of a conflict in those 'little voice' pronouncements.

The little voice also told me some crazy things last night; that Barack Hussein Obama is the anti-Christ. It also told me that the devil's horn is floating over the North-East United States and that things just will not go very well there. What the heck does that mean? The Devil's horn? It added that the reason that my parents treated me with contempt and hostility during my last trip back there in July is that they are now part of the army of the anti-Christ and are doing the bidding of the evil one. They just do not know what they are doing.

They are also trying to ruin the life of my brother-in-law since he is not one of them. I observed, in July, that he used to sit alone in the living room of my parent's house, while everyone was outside since, I think, he just could not listen to their bloviating anymore. How well did the purchase of heating oil do for him when they were trying to panic him about it?

Too many strange things.


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