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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Democrats Looking Not Only to Protect Phoney-baloney Jobs.......

Mel Gibson had this one 100% right!

Massive employment at State governments is now at risk since unsustainable medical costs foisted on the States through unfunded Federal mandates such as Medicaid and SCHIP and gilded retirement plans that are woefully underfunded will put large budget pressures that will cause some states and local governments to actually fail.

So what is a socialist government to do when faced with such big problems? Spend money..... but on what? How about infrastructure? Anyone channeling the times of the New Deal? Yea, there are all kinds of things that the nation needs that we can now spend oodles of money on. But the massive infrastructure projects proposed by the incoming "Golden Calf" administration promises to put people to work for these incredibly useful things. There are all kinds of sewers that just have to be built. no one wants nasty sewage to foul where they are living. There are police stations around the nation that need energy efficient but expensive solar panels to augment their connections to the local power grid. There are roads that absolutely need widening due to all kinds of congestion that annoys citizens that have to spend 5-15 minutes extra to get to Taco Bell or Toy-R-Us to consume. Forget that if they were THAT necessary that they would have been a priority in State and local budgets in the recent past.

And there are lots of ditches that need digging around the country. And there is likely to be millions of illegal immigrants that are probably also losing their jobs that may either be forced to return to Mexico to eat or may have to rob other citizens to feed themselves and their families. These people could be employed digging these incredibly useful and necessary ditches.

I am sure that the "Golden Calf" administration has all kinds of incredible plans to put millions of people to work building a Utopian world of peace, love and harmony.


At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mel Brooks.

At 8:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mel Gibson had alot right. Funny how the jews are at the heart of our money problems (thanks Greenspan, Madoff, etc.) Maybe Mel Gibson and his father should take over the fed!


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