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Milton J. Madison - An American Refugee Now Living in China, Where Liberty is Ascending

Federalism, Free Markets and the Liberty To Let One's Mind Wander. I Am Very Worried About the Fate of Liberty in the USA, Where Government is Taking people's Lives ____________________________________________________________________________________________ "Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Tolerance in the face of tyranny is no virtue." -Barry Goldwater-

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Passage of the day....

Of course the most intense period of the recession is behind us - tomorrow is 20 January. Just read any of the so-called mainstream media - the same data will look tremendously different when illuminated by hope and change.
We hit bottom on January 19th? (Read the last paragraph) Those that are relying upon government to save them from their bad habits over the past several decades are in for a very severe disappointment. But the media will try to portray every movement made by the golden calf as a success and probably a brilliant maneuver and a success before it is even implemented. My nation is dead, now we have a zombie European retread nation, just a bunch of people looking for their next handout deserved only because they were born on a certain piece of soil. Sad people.


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