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Monday, March 23, 2009

Quote of the day.....

You see, taxes matter. They hugely impact economic behavior. The whole economic system is run on incentives to work, invest and take risks. And it must pay, after tax, to ignite the entrepreneurial activity that really drives the economy. Like it or not, our free-market capitalist system is driven by the economic activist, provided he or she is properly rewarded.
From Larry Kudlow, here.

The silly season in Washington is upon us, the inmates are now in charge of the asylum. So, the first volley was punitive taxes announce by 'the one' on work and success under the moniker of 'fairness.' Now we get punitive tax rates on these same $250,000+ earners that work for AIG and other recipients of TARP money of 90% since they are 'bad.' Next, there will be another hit to these earners under some other excuse.

So, the question must be asked 'Why come to the US for opportunity if you cannot keep the fruits of your success?' Why invest here if its going to be taxed? Why even try? And who is John Galt in all of this? John Galt, from Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged, is described as such....
As the plot unfolds, Galt is acknowledged to be a creator and inventor who embodies the power of the individual. He serves as a counterpoint to the social and economic structure depicted in the novel. The depiction portrays a society based on oppressive bureaucratic functionaries and a culture that embraces the stifling mediocrity and egalitarianism of socialistic idealism. He is a metaphorical Atlas of Greek mythology, holding up the world.

An engineer by trade, Galt's actions include withdrawing his talents, "stopping the motor of the world," and leading the "strikers" (in this case the captains of industry) against the "looters" (in this case the mob rule of strikers and the common man). The storyline unfolds by exploring rumors and legends about the identity of Galt. Galt's actual identity is learned only after a prolonged search by Dagny Taggart, the heroine of the story, with whom Galt has a romantic relationship. Galt is also referred to in the story as the Mystery Worker.
I hate what is going on in the US with every fiber of my existence. We are all John Galts. We need to all be John Galts and have a responsibility to our children and grandchildren to be John Galts. do not pay your taxes, do not sign your tax return, do not work.


At 7:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems a bit like a Lenninist approach with a different slant.


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