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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another big government lie......

One of the reasons being floated for a take over of American healthcare by the central government is that government will focus on preventative care and this will save money. The government, somehow, has sold large swath of naive Americans that it can somehow increase the availability and quality of medicine and at the same time lower costs. Preventative care is one of the processes that government has been arguing that it can effect and they argue that this can save money. This is just not silly, its outright absurd.

The reality, is that any medical procedure, even it is preventative in nature will cost money. However, something will eventually kill you and this will probably cost money too.

So, as John Stossel says.......
I take Lipitor. The drug may extend my life. But this doesn't lower my health-care costs. Years of pill-taking increases costs. If the pill works, I may live long enough to get an even more expensive disease. And maybe I, like millions of others, take Lipitor unnecessarily because we would never have had heart attacks. We then spend more, not less, on health care.

Health-care expert John Goodman of the National Center for Policy Analysis says there are "literally hundreds of studies from over the past 40 years that show preventive medical services usually increase medical spending ... Contrary to popular belief, checkups for children and adults do not save the health care system money."
There is no way that government will inject itself in the delivery of healthcare and not make it much worse.


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