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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Worries over the safety of elected officials....

If I was an elected official, I would be worried too. The nation is going through the biggest shift towards Marxism since the 1960's and some are concerned over safety? Its stupid since everyone needs to be concerned since Marxism keeps people in line using violence, threats and coercion. Examples include; North Korea, USSR, Eastern Europe, China.

Public officials have shown little restraint in legislating, as-of-late, and are intervening in nearly every aspect of American lives and these actions go against the traditional fabric of American life and community. It is inevitable that some people will lash out with violence. But the fear over the safety of the Obamessiah is a little silly. In fact, this meme is one that is being use to support and raise donation funds for certain leftist groups, here.

So, of course, lets try to vilify those that are not inclined to go along with the grandiose plans of the left and lets raise the possibility of an assassination attempt by, of course, a white against the President as a weapon against those that have protested peacefully and loudly as their rights still allow them to do. So how is all of that post-racial drivel that we were hearing about during the campaign? Its inevitable that one of the blunt instruments that will be used by the left is the race-card and this will used more-and-more as their Marxist policy prescriptions for the nation fail to convince a wary and boisterously protesting population...
Experts who track hate groups across the U.S. are growing increasingly concerned over violent rhetoric targeted at President Obama, especially as the debate over health care intensifies and a pattern of threats emerges.
From here. And of course, there was never any violent or threatening language or actions taken during the last Presidency. NOT.

As it once was explained to me, by a leftist pacifist family member that violence against conservatives and Republicans understandable since people are scared. Presumably, she believes that this is not only understandable but justified. In the case of the left, its the means that are always justified by the ends. However, Democrats do need to keep their heads down. As I have said many times before I foresee a civil war of sorts and it could be very very ugly. I too would not hesitate to resort to violence if people try to fit me into their little Marxist Utopian box. Rather be dead than red.


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