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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Taxes or forcing Americans to allocate resourses to something that they may not want......

If one CHOOSES to not acquire health insurance, then the government plans to levy a special tax on you. They call it "fees" but how are fees any different than taxes?
Under the plan, people who earn between 100% and 300% of the poverty level (or between about $22,000 a year and $66,000 a year for a family of four) would face fees ranging from $750 to $1,500 a year.

For taxpayers with incomes above 300% of poverty, the penalty starts at $950 a year and reaches as high as $3,800 for families. Nearly 12 million people fit in this category, according to the National Institute for Health Care Management.
From here. Who gave them the right to do this? Force us to acquire health insurance. Who the F**k do they think that they are? The reality is that the government cannot reallocate resources without levying huge taxes on the population. What better place to get tax revenue but those healthy people that do not want to waste money on buying health insurance....
The idea behind the penalty is that those who can afford insurance but don't buy it are imposing costs on the entire health system. Under the proposal, nearly 12 million people who currently have no insurance could be subject to such fines, according to figures compiled by the National Institute for Health Care Management.
They are not costing anyone else a penny, the claim in the previous passage is just stupid. They are just not wasting their money on a service, maybe not in every single case but in aggregate, and that they deem this expense to be unnecessary. This is just robbing from Peter to pay Paul, and so very sad. I lived without health insurance for many years. The reason being is that the cost of normal healthcare for the young is a lot higher than the benefits received so in essence I self insured. I figured that the cost of the premiums and the deductibles was more than what I would pay for the times that I did need to see the doctor. And I was completely correct. i saved myself money and had to decide what instances warranted seeing a physician or not.


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