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Friday, October 09, 2009

Affirmative action comes to the Nobel Prize......

Wikipedia defines Affirmative action as such.....
The terms affirmative action and positive action refer to policies that take race, ethnicity, or gender into consideration in an attempt to promote equal opportunity or increase ethnic or other forms of diversity. The focus of such policies ranges from employment and education to public contracting and health programs. The impetus towards affirmative action is twofold: to maximize diversity in all levels of society, along with its presumed benefits, and to redress perceived disadvantages due to overt, institutional, or involuntary discrimination. Opponents argue that it promotes reverse discrimination.
The highlighted text above is what I think is operative here. As we know, the anti-Bush, The Obamessiah, was awarded the Nobel Peace prize today presumably not due to some long list of accomplishments from a short 9 months in office but some other metric maybe one such as the oft repeated 'hope and change' moniker. But I think that it is kind of new affirmative action.

But there are also implication to reckless decision making even as meaningless as the Nobel Peace prize has become. So, this fantastic turn of events leaves one to wonder about a couple things; firstly, was there no-one else deserving of an award for actual accomplishments? Tough luck for those that were passed over. Why award the PM of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai, the prize for a decade or two of opposition to a destructive and disastrous regime who had to endure prison, beatings and other dirty tricks while doing so peacefully. Nah, its just impoverished Zimbabwe, nobody cares about them. The second concern I have, is it just hope for world peace that is deserving of such an honor since there are probably 10's of thousands of beauty contest contestants that proclaimed that their reign as Miss this-and-that that they would be dedicated to world peace. I wonder then why there has never been a Nobel Peace prize shared by these beneficent beauties previously. I wonder if the distinguished prize panel considered this; jointly awarding the prize to the Obamessiah and the 10's of thousands of beauty contestants that also wished for world peace. I think that this would be true justice.

But I do not think that that this peace prize is one that is actually being positively awarded to the Obamessiah (since it is still a mystery to simple old me as to what the campaigner-in-chief has actually done) but actually to the American people that elected the anti-Bush Obamessiah after the evil reign of the hated and despised W. There are a couple of reasons why I think that this is the case.

First and foremost, is that it is European socialists that are awarding the prize to the newest member of their Marxist cabal. Miserable socialists are never so pleased as when they have newly minted miserable members joining them. European socialists and American Democrats are the among the most miserable people that I have met on the face of the planet. Misery loves company and there is nothing better for these groups than whining together. The other is that Europeans are overtly, institutionally with deep rooted almost involuntary bias against Americans. I am sure that the can-do attitude of the past and cheeky resolve must have driven them completely nuts. This is where the affirmative action comes in. Since Americans are not capable of understanding or comprehending the next level of life as understood by socialist Europe.

I think that it is important to consider that given that Europeans think of themselves as so much more advanced, intelligent and erudite than simple American buffoons, is that this is drives the affirmative action choice where America is being awarded not due to actual accomplishments but because the bar has been set so low in order to promote diversity within the ranks of the Nobel awarded. The attitudes of deeply rooted disgust and hatred that Europeans have for their cheeky neighbors across the Atlantic is the kind of things that affirmative action is thought to compensate for ergo the award. And since the Nobels would never dare to award a 'peace' prize to an American that is right of center, this affirmative action technique is one that allows them to actually award this gift to the US without it actually having achieved anything other than electing a feckless empty suit. Also, this gives Europeans the chance to 'vote' for the 'hope and change' offered by the Obamessiah in his historic election (gag) that they were denied in the election. Now they can claim that they too voted for the 'The One'.

But as far as the Nobel award for peace, all I have to say is wow, what an accomplishment, the Nobles think that this fellow can create peace just by showing up and making a speech. It has creepy in its messianic overtones and since Europe has slid so far away from its Christian past that it needs some kind of spiritual connection which they now find in the Obamessiah. But in fact, Europeans by awarding appeasement, indecisiveness and feckless behavior by an American President, are tacitly promoting and rewarding a behavior that is remarkably similar to the feckless, passive and sclerotic European methods that was the fabric of their do nothing policies over the past several decades.

It all makes perfect sense when one puts on one's cynical hat. And of course, the Libertarian Party has suggested moving the awards to April 1, a far more appropriate date. And of course if the award criteria were adopted by other real disciplines like economics

An promises of many many more awards to come for the feckless Obamessiah....


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