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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I just do not understand.....

How can an empty suit like the Obamessiah have a thin skin? Its because he IS an empty suit that he has a thin skin. No experience to fall back on for decision making and facing challenges. Therefore, he needs to protect himself by counterattacking. And, its as if its leadership to attack Fox News or is it just juvenile? Wow, if that is tough, what about Iran? Practice on Fox News as a warm-up to a real challenge? The Campaigner-in-Chief is totally worthless as a national leader. And what about comparisons with GWB?
...that while it truly didn't matter what anyone said about W, because he had such a firmly established core being, it matters utterly what the critics say about the UR's clothes, because there is no emperor.
From here. And the whiners in the Whitehouse are so worried about what Fox News says about 'the one.'

An then this....
Barack Obama may believe that his incessant whining about all the challenges his predecessor left him lets America know how tough he has it. The danger to his presidency is that it can sound awfully like "I'm not up to the job."
Oh, poor Barry, he has it so tough as President. Lets all shed a tear for him. From here.

Also, it seemed to me as GWB was savaged in the press. But he could take it in stride...
Whatever. He told them the attacks never bothered him, although his dad used to get upset: "He'd read the editorial pages, he'd watch the nightly news, and I didn't. I mean, why watch the nightly news when you are the nightly news?"
Ha ha. And GWB has a sense of humor.


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