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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

All kinds of global warming goodies surfacing.....

I have written in past, here, that the followers of 'Global Warming' do so with a religious fanaticism. For those that need a religion, this 'science seems just like the right thing that meets people's need for some kind of spirituality. Worship the earth, kind of like an ancient animist, a noble savage.....

Nothing better than running around naked, hugging trees and worshiping the earth and the new religious prophet, Al Gore. Other benefits include....
1. telling people that they need to ride bikes.
2. Another source of tax revenue for all kinds of leftist programs as governments now can tax these awful global warming people and businesses.
3. Can rub elbows with all kinds of cool celebrities.
4. Feel better about oneself that you are doing something good by forcing others to adjust their life to what you think is right
Now, we have heard that some of the most important research centers at the heart of the 'science' such as one important one, University of East Anglia, where we can find this lovely picture on their website....

and whom provided the foundation to the IPCC United Nations alarmist reports in recent years, did some not-so scientific things in their pursuit of proving global warming....
1. Fudged data to fit the story,
2. destroyed records of original data sets so that subsequent adjustments could not be reviewed,
3. tried to keep the data out of the hands of other scientists so that it becomes difficult to perform typical peer review,
4. tried to get dissenting scientists and journal editors fired,
5. relied (not so innocently) upon a computer model that seems to be designed to have a predetermined outputs.
This was more than just overplaying their cards. It was downright dishonest.

I, of course, since I am so wise, noticed that the arguments that were being made did not make a whole lot of logical sense and may not have been reliable since, yes, the oceans have been rising as a result of global warming, but for the past 18,000 years. What does 150 years of measurements prove within such a volatile time span? The level of the oceans have risen 400 feet in this period. Yikes. Must have been all of those Neanderthals burning sticks in their caves to keep warm. Read all of this Glenzo wisdom, here. But a nice tidbit to chew on.....
The swarm on global warming continues and drumbeat of 'news' and the shrill voice of politics is raising its ugly useless head through the recent report issued by that ridiculous organization, the UN.

Supposedly, as the UN report claims, that 90% of all scientists agree that human intervention is the cause of global warming. 4 out of 5 dentists also supposedly agree that Sugarless Trident Gum whitens teeth or is better for your teeth but also, 1 out of 5 dentists don't agree. Maybe the 1 didn't understand the question or didn't think that it was the most important reason or a major factor in teeth whitening or tooth health. Sugary gum is probably is a contributing factor to tooth decay but probably not the primary reason for trouble and it is difficult to prove the sugar/sugarless gum theory since there are probably very few controls to testing and controlling the theory. This is a problem with climate change. It is difficult to conclude without question that changes are completely due to human activities, what can be done about it and what the level of intervention should be used to achieve the most desirable impact. But thank you Al Gore for inventing the Internet and inventing climate change.
The bottom line here, is that despite serious problems with the standing of what was considered serious scientific research, there will be those that continue to argue that the concept of 'global warming' or the new broader moniker, 'climate change' is completely settled. I argue that it isn't settled. There is no way to achieve a reduction in the growth of CO2 without destroying other things like economies or productive lives or as I think, interventions that will kill people and cause them greater poverty. The medicine will be worse than the disease if we let these governments solve the problem. If, in fact, there is global warming caused by humans or is just a force of nature, therefore, something that we cannot really change that much, what we need to do is to brace ourselves for these changes not to waste time and energy on this silliness.


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