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Monday, March 08, 2010

The Hayekian view of the socialization of the USA....

The following quote from a review of the book, The Road to Serfdom,
Europeans also changed how they thought about equality and freedom. Insistence upon freedom from want displaced the yearning for freedom from coercion. Democracy came to be seen as a means of realizing an increasing number of social goals, rather than as a means of preserving freedom. To Hayek, these were dangerous errors. Democracy could only work effectively in areas where agreement upon ultimate ends could be attained with little difficulty. A democratic government could enforce general rules of conduct that applied to all equally (i.e. free speech and free association). Democracy can never produce agreement over policies that affect specific economic results. One always gains at the expense of others in such matters. Such Economic planning places impossible demands upon democracy. This is because pursuit of specific ends requires timely and decisive action. Democracies move too slowly to attain specific ends, so arbitrary powers of government will grow. A planned economy will ultimately require acceptance of dictatorship. This is a dire consequence, as it is the worst sort of tyrants who are most adept at wielding dictatorial powers.
The United States is moving towards a planned economy. As economic resources are doled out and dictated from Washington, the people will lose both their freedom to choose and their freedom to oppose Washington. The nation is already on the slippery slope and watch out how quickly it will all go bad.


Others inform me that this is both a more interesting Hayekian view and one that is more appropriate for my pages, so here it is.....

Selma Hayekian view that is!


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