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Monday, May 17, 2010

Romancing the state

In the US, there is supposed to be a division between church and state, but for many, the state is becoming a religion for them. I have always been amazed at individual's, including those that I share dna with, unending faith in government. Its a faith that should be reserved for the creator but one that has made Renfields out of even those that still worship. They pray but are now serving the evil one, too.

And as I have argued numerous times, government as a surrogate for community, family and personal responsibility and the reliance upon state to to meet these normal human needs, creates weaker communities, families and people. As this fellow argues.....
linked the growth of our statist religion to the decline of family and traditional religious faith. Strong families tend to be less hungry for the smothering embrace of maternal government, as illegitimacy is one of the major causes of desperate poverty.
We can no longer afford the indulgence of an incompetent state to meet so many ordinary needs of the American family, individual, community and spiritual. What are these people thinking?

Hot Air ยป Romancing the state


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