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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

AFP: China halts ticket sales for Japan pop group: report

This is how juvenile Chinese leadership is....
Two China concerts next month by Japanese pop band SMAP could fall victim to a diplomatic row between the two countries after ticket sales were suspended at the weekend, media reports said Tuesday.

The five-member pop group is scheduled to perform before some 80,000 fans at the Shanghai World Expo on October 9-10, but a Chinese ticket agency abruptly stopped selling the tickets Sunday, the Sports Nippon tabloid said.
I find these kinds of things just extraordinarily idiotic. In case you missed what the diplomatic row is, I think that it surrounds the nuts that are trying to claim some stupid islands between Taiwan and Japan that have been claimed by Japan and disputed by China.

So, how to counter the complete nonsense? By upping the ante with more complete nonsense. This is purely playing nationalism at a time when it is completely unnecessary and is dangerous and completely worthless. I have to say also, that sometimes am very very disappointed by Hong Konger's blind nationalism over these meaningless issues such as these silly islands and other silly islands in the South China sea between Vietnam and Philippines.

AFP: China halts ticket sales for Japan pop group: report


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