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Friday, October 15, 2010

Whoopsie daisy.....

Petulant and not very Presidential, the Obamessiah admits that there is no such thing as a "shovel ready project." Soooooo, what did we allocate the $787 billion porkulus spending bill that is one of the marquee issues of his disasterous presidency towards? As in typical local politics, its just a gigantic political payback that will ultimately lower the standard of living for the nation.

But as Charles Krauthammer pointedly comments....
“Well that is quite an admission. You know, a year and a half and half a trillion dollars later he says these things that I talked about endlessly don’t exist. It’s not actually surprising that he doesn’t know what a shovel ready project is. Having never worked in the private sector he wouldn’t be sure what a project is and there isn’t a lot of shoveling at Harvard Law School.” So I can understand that this was one of the greatest “Oops” in American history. And it’s going to be hard for a democrat when you show one tape against another. They’re goint to say, “So you supported a trillion dollars offered by a president who didn’t even know that this stuff that this stuff is not going to happen?”
A man is running the country that has absoluely no idea what he is doing. It is a sad state of affairs.

So the petulant and not very presidential is now saying that despite his arguments that the money was being spent on "shovel ready projects" it was not since there is no such thing as 'shovel ready.' So, what was the money spent on? This phenomenally wasteful and truly stupid spending has neither had the employment impact that was anticipated nor has it actually built anything useful since there is nothing that is actually shovel ready.


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