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Saturday, November 13, 2010

We Told You So, Obamacare is scam

As we have heard over-and-over from the socialists in our midst, healthcare is fierce moral urgency that has been sold to us on many fronts. Some have wrongly argued that it is for poor people when this is just absolutely silly since the poor's healthcare is already provided under Medicaid. Others argue, that somehow, completely against historical experience, that government will mystically figure out how to redistribute the goods and services of healthcare cheaper, a simply ludicrous assertion. Its astonishing me that people put this kind of faith in government. Another aspect argued as to why government has to insert itself directly in the middle of our health choices and decisions, is that there are loads of people that are suffering and presumably dying, theatrically, sometimes in total agony, since they are excluded from receiving healthcare due to their pre-existing conditions.

So, given that there are these legions of suffering masses of people out there, we are now being told that these unfortunate many have NOT felt that their situations are urgent enough to actually get the healthcare that they so desperately need, is available through these new programs and as we have found that only....
Combined federal-state enrollment is merely 8,011 nationwide as of November 1, according to HHS.
Let this sink in. WE are shifting 100's of billions of dollars of healthcare spending, rules, commissions and massive bureaucracy to serve.... 8,011 people. And this figure is relative to the estimate by our brilliant US Government that 375,000 people would have been signed up by this date with further expectations that an additional 400,000 or so per year will be added to the roles. So, our busy at work US Government has fallen short of their expectation by about 97.8%. If this is any indicator of
1. How knowledgeable they are on the supply and demand for services supposedly as critical as this and
2. their ability to actually get the goods delivered,
we are in store for a disaster of biblical proportions.

For decades we have had to hear frothing at-the-mouth socialists argue and whine incessantly that government has to be involved in the business of healthcare. Now that we finally have gotten a socialist in the Whitehouse and this coupled with a gigantic majority in Congress, these dreams have become a reality and are being forced down the throats of a reluctant America. This will end up being a complete and total nightmare. But the silver lining will be that finally the American people will hopefully realize that central governments are incompetent in economic affairs and this economic interference typically hurts regular Americans. Additionally, I dream that this failure will cause the people to defund the profligate and incompetent government out of many facets of American life, leading to greater opportunity and long-term prosperity.

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