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Monday, December 27, 2010

According to Census Data, People Vote with their Feet for Less Government « International Liberty

As Americans have become more enamored with Marxist Euro state big government interventions in markets, one should keep in mind that this will have adverse impact on the financial health of the nation as we have seen with the experiments in the states.....
The world is a laboratory and different nations are public policy experiments. Not surprisingly, the evidence from these experiments is that nations with more freedom tend to grow faster and enjoy more prosperity. Nations with big governments, by contrast, are more likely to suffer from stagnation.

The same thing happens inside the United States. The 50 states are experiments, and they generate considerable data showing that small government states enjoy better economic performance. But because migration between states is so easy (whereas migration between nations is more complicated), we also get very good evidence based on people “voting with their feet.” Taxation and jobs are two big factors that drive this process.
As a nation, the central government figures that people cannot choose to leave the country, have erected barriers to people that are high earners to leave and still think that that t he nation is a good place to do business. The problem is that this is misguided. With the highest corporate taxes int eh world, the cost of capital is lower in other nations than the Us since the after tax return to investment is higher. This will cause jobs to leave the US for other more attractive places to do business. The Us will not be able to compete on the global stage as the leviathan needs to keep feeding itself with your money, labor, time and lives.

According to Census Data, People Vote with their Feet for Less Government « International Liberty


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