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Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Obamessiah is an awesome god....

I could have heard this from any number of quarters when I was back visiting New York a few weeks ago.

I was chatting with a Canadian fellow from the Frasier Institute, a free market think tank, visiting Hong Kong since this place routinely ranks number 1 or 2 on their freedom index. However, at lunch, he was horrified when I stated that the only reason that the Obamessiah was elected President of the United States was that he is considered ethnically black. I further clarified my statement that he definately was not elected due to merit or any indication of proven ability but a Hail Mary pass by Americans and by those that believe in socialism over free markets. He retorted that the election of the Obamessiah was an American reaction to George W. Bush and so, I suppose, this is something else that liberals, progressives and leftists can blame on W. So if this is the case, then can we blame the Obamessiah when Donald Trump gets elected?

It will be nice to get rid of the Obamessiah, probably the worst President of my lifetime. Affirmative Action can get you there but just doesn't prepare one when there ia an actual need to perform.


At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The girl is absolutley correct.
I don't care, Obama is awesome.


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