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Friday, May 27, 2011

The feckless Obamessiah calls for Israel to return to 1967 borders.....

Consider this following presentation on Israel's borders....

The disgraceful actions of our current President with respect to Israel is mystifying. The Obamessiah is proving over-and-over that he is just not able to be a serious participant in international affairs. Who could possibly expect more from a person that had no executive or business experience what-so-ever prior to be elected as President. Ah, 'so what' some may say. OK, then anyone can be President, good to know. Alrighty, I look forward to the upcoming Palin Presidency. But the question stands as to what drives this nation now to throw the most solid of allies that we have in that part of the world under the bus? It could be that this man is incapable of viewing the world realistically outside of coddled world of academia, its the issue of a theoretical world vs. the realist world Or maybe this is the world in which no White folks are allowed to argue or confront a Black man and so this person has never engaged in real world confrontations where there are winners and losers. So his silly and juvenile thinking has never had to defend itself in past experiences. But I think that it is both of these and other more insidious problems as explained below.

But getting back to Israel, what is with this hard left and Black folks hostility to Jews? Consider this: the current President spent 20 years in a church whose central theology is the Marxist Black Liberation Theology whose basic tenants seem to be racist and hateful in its foundational principles. BLT to be properly understood is defined by Black theological thinker James Cone...
Cone says black theology is the religious counterpart of black power. "Black Theology is the theological arm of Black Power, and Black Power is the political arm of Black Theology." And, "while Black Power focuses on the political, social, and economic condition of black people, Black Theology puts black identity in a theological context."

We gain insights about what Cone means by "black theology" and "black power" by understanding what blackness means in his theology. Cone notes two aspects of blackness: the physiological and ontological. In the first sense, "black" indicates a physiological trait. It refers to "a particular black-skinned people in America."
One can understand the necessity for a group to create their own defensible boundaries within Christianity since it is Christianity that did not protect and so slow to defend this very same racial group during their most neediest of time's during the crime of American slavery. Cone's backlash against whites and white Christianity is summarize as such...
"whiteness" in Cone's thought symbolizes the ethnocentric activity of "madmen sick with their own self-concept" and thus blind to that which ails them and oppresses others. Whiteness symbolizes sickness and oppression. White theology is therefore viewed as a theological extension of that sickness and oppression.
White is sickness? Well then, I am sick! But the enslaved bodies whose souls are liberated through Christ was a uniquely Black experience. The people had to rely solely upon grace during their miserable lives. However, Cone also unfortunately takes God's grace, takes further steps beyond grace, leaves violence as a solution against whites and leaves open limits to this violence....
"emancipation of black people from white oppression by whatever means black people deem necessary."
Cone is not unlike Dietrich Bonhoeffer whose vocal opposition to persecution of Jews in pre-war Nazi Germany felt compelled to address a dilemma between Christian pacifism and the desire/need to eliminate Hitler. This Christian theologian participated in a plot to kill Hitler and was eventually arrested and executed for assisting Jews to escape deadly Germany. However, Cone is severely limited to the similarity with Bonhoeffer since he leaves open the use of violence to the individual and it does not appear to be as agonizing or well considered necessity as it is with Bonhoeffer. Influencing Bonhoeffer, Christian theologian Karl Barth considered pacifism as the rule of the Christian life. The Kingdom of God stands over and against all human pretensions to power and control by force. However, but Barth also considers God's speaking words to us in "an exceptional case" in which we can consider pacifism as no longer a proper and righteous path. (more on Bonhoeffer, here) However, this 'exceptional case' is nowhere near Cone's philosophical thinking sphere. Additionally, Cone and adherents of Black Liberation Theology appear to lazily lump all Whites into one pile and addresses all with hostility. BLT appears to have transformed itself into a fully racist philosophy. Their loss and I think that Cone walks on exceptionally flimsy thinking here.

However, where does throwing Israel under the bus come in? Think about this.....
Islam and BLT are theologies that have a political goal of making all politics submit to their demands. Submission is the political goal.
From here. There are many similarities between BLT and Islam....
Islam and BLT are both based upon the principle of duality. The Koran divides up humanity into Muslims and the kafirs (unbelievers).

BLT has a god that divides humanity into blacks and whites. But the duality is not the division, but a complete separation that is ethical, political, cultural and religious. The believer has nothing in common with the kafir/white. Allah loves the Muslim and a black god loves the blacks.

Allah preaches violence against the kafirs and helps Muslims to kill them. The Koran says that cruelty and hatred of the kafir is a sacred duty for Muslims.

BLT does not preach violence against whites, but excuses and justifies it. BLT also justifies black crime as a legal way for oppressed blacks to strike back at the white oppressors.
Excusing violence accepts it. Theologically, Cone acceptance of violence allows for promoting this kind of intervention that is based purely on skin color.

But I think that this President sees himself as more than just an adherent of BLT but also as a Muslim since his father was a Muslim, Muslims think that he is a Muslim. Muslims are unabashedly haters of Jews. The Islamic equivalent of BLT is the Nation of Islam so let us consider the statement below....
“Israel don’t represent Jews. Israel represents the whole white race.”

-Louis Farrakkan in a Speech in Atlanta, 6/26/10-
Alll of this is just too close for comfort. In summary, I do not view BLT as a Christian philosophy but as a political movement. It serves no purpose within the confines of God's grace and love. Once we recognize that these sickening political philosophies should be relegated to the cults status that they sorely deserve, we will not be able to move forward.

Israel is unfortunately a victim of these sickening philosophies so we must support our Israeli friends even more.

YouTube - outstanding Explanation: Why Israel mustn't withdraw to its pre '67 borders line - Please Share


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