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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Obama's Economic Experiment Has Failed -- Time to Get Back to What Works - FoxNews.com

The president and his party’s leaders have made it their mission to test the hypothesis that more government spending and greater government control over the economy can jump-start a recovery better than the private sector can.

That experiment has failed. The stimulus spending spree failed to create jobs. Massive overhauls of the financial sector and health-care sector are fueling uncertainty and hindering our recovery.
Yes, the experiment has failed but one has to only look at other teetering nations to see that a central Marxist control of an economy, despite not being properly defined as Communist, just has not and will not work. One only has to look at the festering problems in Europe to see that the demographic indulgence of socialism's time has come and gone. Socialist transfer payments to retirees and the promises of healthcare are destine to fail miserably as this wealth has been transferred from younger people to those consuming these goods and services today and in recent decades. This will happen in the US too.

But when one defends socialism as justice or as needed assistance for the poor, these people are deceiving themselves. Government is not only woefully inadequate at meeting and achieving these modest goals but these openings to intervention have allowed and encouraged government to do much more unnecessary intervention. Take Social Security for example, this is a transfer payment system from working people to the wealthiest demographic group on the planet. Why is government doing this? Because, as I have written before, it was a demographic indulgence of historic proportions. A relatively young healthy population was able to support a much smaller demographic group at the time. It was so easy and seemed to be painless. But as the favorable demographics change it will prove to be excessively painful when it unravels.

Getting back to the unmet needs of the unfortunate or unhealthy, I am convinced that these institutions; communities, churches, families and real grassroots organizations will be much better at meeting these kinds of local needs however, currently the leviathan government has effectively crowded them out. This will leave an even bigger gap when the central government fails and these institutions will not be there and be incapable to meet the growing needs at that time.

Obama's Economic Experiment Has Failed -- Time to Get Back to What Works - FoxNews.com


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