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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Theology of Social Security

Very interesting that as government is on the eve of failing to deliver and defaulting on the benefits promised to those that paid into the system for a lifetime, that we read of how churches intervened 70 years ago to support the leviathan and sold their souls to the devil of government in return for the false promises of monetary security. As i have been arguing for years, government largess in the traditional portfolio of the family, neighbors, and churches have destroyed the need for these traditional American institutions and have left these functions to an overreaching and incompetent replacement, the American government. We find that the vision of Roosevelt supported by Liberals and unfortunately by churches as such....
The position advocated by Roosevelt would be the exact opposite of John Locke and Thomas Jefferson—the two men largely responsible for the ideas and writing of the U.S. Constitution.

What is disturbing when reviewing the history of this time is how many Christian ministers defended the actions of government as fulfilling Holy Scripture's mandates to care for the poor, provide for parents in their old age and give to those who ask of you.
Ministers advocating taking the seemingly easy path but at the same time reducing the portfolio and necessity of community centered institutions such as churches themselves, set the nation on a path of self destruction as troubled and needy people no longer looked to their neighbors, communities and churches but to the faceless government that no one knows nor sees....
With this shift of thinking, the state began to function in roles once reserved for the church—to the detriment of any who would question the legitimacy of the legislation on theological grounds. The same reception awaits those in the modern day who seek to resist any "progressive" social policy in any way for fear that they will be branded as uncaring or un-Christian in their ideas.
Now after allowing this leviathan to take over traditional responsibilities, it has continued to devour the social fabric of traditional conservative American life, where access to pornography including that of children, abortion on demand, the embrace of non-traditional lifestyles such as homosexuality are now the service clients of the leviathan.

We can take it back, and the upcoming failure of the devils vision 70 years ago and the subsequent infection of this vision on American life, will produce challenges but not ones that can break the human spirit but that can strengthen it. As the false god of government fails, we can and will rebuild the institutions that made America the greatest nation, the best place to work and raise a family and one where people unabashedly worship their creator.

The Theology of Social Security


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