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Friday, August 05, 2011

Thebeauty of being mocked by liberals that orbit other planets, like Uranus....

Well, I am bristling that we Republicans are being called 'antediluvian' by effete liberals. Wow, how dare they. But then, the question comes to mind, what do these former Dead-head liberals with their flashback vernacular mean by such unnecessary comments? Welllllll, antediluvian means......
an·te·di·lu·vi·an (nt-d-lv-n) adj.
1. Extremely old and antiquated. See Synonyms at old.
2. Bible Occurring or belonging to the era before the Flood.
I am horrified by this. So, antediluvian meaning so long ago, or during a time that is so morally bankrupt that God had to cleanse the earth?

Well, God may be planning to cleanse the earth or the earth may be cleansed by a cathartic drowning in American debt that ends up suffocating all life in its awful floods. Hope not.

But it appears as if the offensive wording has been scrubbed from the opinion title from....
The Antediluvian Republicans Are the Problem - Jacob Weisberg, Slate
to the milquetoast....
Lessons of the Crisis
The debt-ceiling debacle revealed that politics is broken in every possible way and there's no point in explaining complicated matters to the American people.
By Jacob Weisberg
Wake me up when these people are finished with their analysis designed for the digestion of the limousine liberals for their important cocktail party prattle. The original antediluvian seems to also to have been scrubbed out of the original opinion piece. Actually, i mind not that I am called one that hearkens back to a previous time, one where family, neighbors and community where the true core of American life where individual responsibility and other 'old fashioned' ideal were promoted and lived. But what is with you people these days? Call a spade a spade and get on with it.

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