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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Obamessiah says the Republican party was foounded by Lincoln.....

Unfortunately for him, this is not true, actually, the original Republican party was founded by Jefferson and Madison as a counter to Federalists. This party split into the the Democrats and the Whigs. When the Whigs could not handle the issue of slavery, the Republican party was reestablished as the Whig party disappeared....
On this day in 1854, Alvan E. Bovay (1818-1903) called an anti-slavery meeting at the Congregational Church in Ripon, the Wisconsin town where he practiced law. The group voiced outrage at the Kansas-Nebraska Act, soon to clear Congress, which provided that settlers could decide for themselves whether to allow slavery in the new territories. The legislation repealed the Missouri Compromise of 1820, which had banned slavery in that region.

A similar meeting had taken place a week earlier in Jackson, Mich. Both groups dubbed themselves “Republicans,” evoking the Democratic-Republican label once used by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

Bovay called a second meeting on March 20, 1854, to popularize the new Republican Party movement. It quickly achieved success in Wisconsin, securing the governorship in 1856, and remained the dominant party in the state for many years.
So, of course the Obamessiah will never be held to account for this gaff in his prepared speech unlike Sarah Palin on her off the cuff answer to Paul Revere. One could never never call the brilliant Obamessiah a dope for his speaking mistakes but it is particularly allowed and encouraged by the leftwing media when bashing conservative women.


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