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Friday, November 18, 2011

CARPE DIEM: Companies Continue to Leave Anti-Business California in Record Numbers to Save 40% in Costs

Like I have been arguing for quite some time, experiments in taxing, regulations and social engineering are the portfolio of States and localities. When one does this on the national level, the people are held hostage to these nationalizations and it makes it very difficult for the people to adjust. But they adjust offshore eventually if the nationalization is too onerous.

As we can see what has happened in California and more specifically, Los Angeles, their economic and tax base are being gutted as businesses vote with their feet and move to other less onerous jurisdictions.
Since 2007, more than 2,500 employers have left California. They've taken about 109,000 jobs with them.
If we want to get back on track as true competitors on teh world stage, then we have to defang Washington and its continuous and destructive interventions into markets and private property and allowthe people to adjust and be more competitive and efficient.

Here, look what has happened to Europe due to their hyper socialist state and the excruciating burdens of taxes and regulations on their economies...

Europe is falling rapidly from where it was. Their competitiveness and capabilities are going to hit the tipping point and we will rarely see anything of value from Europe in the coming decades. Asia is gaining despite the collapse of the Japanese economy. But Europe is obviously facing serious troubles so why do communists like the Obamessiah keep trying to recreate European socialism and its disfunctional economy and social life in the US?

CARPE DIEM: Companies Continue to Leave Anti-Business California in Record Numbers to Save 40% in Costs


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