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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Raising the stakes vs. Obama « The Enterprise Blog

Thought of the day.....
And those actions will help determine whether America’s economic future will be one of a) renewed growth and prosperity or b) shared scarcity and managed decline. Putting it another way, will the 21st century American Way be the dynamic, entrepreneurial capitalism of Schumpeter or the static, state capitalism of Keynes?
Keynes would be hugely disappointed in how his political/economic thought has been hijacked by the Communist Democrats these days. But that is for another time.

At the end, do we want a life in the US of pushing everyone to the lowest common denominator with the 'elites' that have government access and perks benefit at the expense of the rest of us or do we seek a dynamic and robust economic life where winners are rewarded and conversely the losers actually experience losses that they justly deserve? I think that the founders of the nation had it exactly correct that the central government should be one of limited powers and this is not anywhere near where we are today where the central government is instrumental in creating winners and losers.

In this kind of environment, like we have seen in North Korea, the Cold War Soviet Union, 1960's fascist China, the Soviet Eastern Bloc of influence et al, central planning not only has a gigantic detrimental impact on the economic life of a nation, but this collectivization of resources destroy the liberty of the people. This is what we have in store if we continue down this path.

Walter, you agree?

Romney just dramatically raised the stakes vs. Obama « The Enterprise Blog


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