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Thursday, December 15, 2011

CARPE DIEM: China: One of Our Best Export Customers

The height of stupidity. This characterizes both the idiotic Democrats and the boorish Donald Trump where continuous blame is thrown out against the Chinese for supposedly unfair business practices. However, as we can see from this chart that exports to China have grown tremendously over the recent history....

What the heck is going through people's minds when they attack China? This kind of behavior is completely beyond my comprehension and I think that it is generally caused by a lack of ability to actually offer intelligent solution to problems. So these political figures resort to attacking outsiders. Here we see that exports to China exceed $10 billion a month. A trade war or hostility towards China would most likely lead to retaliation against US products. This will hurt employment in the industries that currently benefit from exports to China and this will probably not be offset in any gain in employment for the fantasy of shifting production back to the US.

Of course, who is so naive to think that politicians actually have the best interest of their constituents ion mind anyway? So, just contemplate this thought....
In the business world, picking a needless trade fight with one of your best customers would be the height of folly. For many members of Congress, it has become an urgent item on their legislative agenda."

CARPE DIEM: China: One of Our Best Export Customers


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