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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We Are On The Road To Bankruptcy | Fox News

Dan Mitchell, of the Cato Institute and entertaining to watch on his videos has this to say about the US government....
We are definitely on the road to bankruptcy.

“We have maybe 10, 15 years' advanced notice. And what’s frustrating is that we’re not taking advantage of that, even as we see these other countries collapsing into social chaos and disarray.”

Mitchell points out that the politicians don’t even have to make actual cuts to save the future. If they just slowed the growth of government to about 2 percent per year, the U.S. economy could grow out of this mess. But the politicians won’t do even that.
Once the government got into the income redistribution business and decided that they knew better than markets how to allocate resources, it has been and will prove nearly impossible to turn back. Government has proven over-and-over that they are not only just incompetent, but also destructive in their interventions and we should get them out of this business altogether.

We Are On The Road To Bankruptcy | Fox News


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!0 or 15 years is generous.


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