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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The ObamaCare death spiral continues - HUMAN EVENTS

Central planning and Marxism promoted by the central government leviathan will eventually destroy the way that commerce has been carried out previouslym in this case healthcare but it will be the model for all over interventions. This is the intent since destroying the old way and replacing it will create total dependence upon government and the largesse that it will deliver to the citizens. American citizens will no longer have options, choice or the freedom to make those choices for themselves. Lenin would be very proud how American Democrats managed to grab so much power.,,,,,
Last week, after Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius claimed the private insurance market was in a “death spiral” long before ObamaCare came along, I pointed out that ObamaCare itself is the paramount modern example of a high-speed death spiral. Whatever one might say about the structural deficiencies of private health insurance – which are, in no small part, due to government interference – it’s taken decades for them to reach their current state. ObamaCare, by contrast, began falling apart the minute it passed. Literally billions of dollars have been dropping from its leprous bulk with every passing month.
Failure of centrally planned healthcare will destroy the ability of the market to deliver a reasonably priced product. The intent of the Marxists is to then step in to save the nation. This is dangerous and deadly game that they are playing with your lives.

Also, they is guarantee that future governments will be 'altruistic' or 'fair' in delivering these goods and with the increases in centralized power, I suspect that it will be used to control and subdue the population and reward those that are supportive and punish those that are not.

The ObamaCare death spiral continues - HUMAN EVENTS


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