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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Obama Invests $5 Million In Bulls**t Energy

Government is flailing about trying to make itself relevant within the economics of the energy field. As more-and-more ludicrous attempts by these bureaucrats at creating an industry where one has to expect that the truly profitable enterprises will be founded, built and managed by the private sector government will be relegated to the ones that are shunned by the private sector due to problems with scalability, profitability, volatility and risk.

The law of adverse selection will ensure that government will be involved and choose those projects that are unattractive for real investment. Unless, of course, the government central planning apparatus uses it muscle to support those companies such as General Electric that have greater access to government decision makers and regulation that benefits these large players over those smaller and unconnected firms that have to compete in the real marketplace. These clumsy government attempts in the energy markets have proven to largely to be total disasters on the taxpayer's dime. Can anyone say Solyndra?

Some say.... This could actually work, if they used Congress instead of cows....

I say, not so quick, the socialists running the Whitehouse and the Democratic party provide a disproportionate volume of hot air that could drive massive electric generating turbines but also the crap they have produced is an amazing source of potential energy.

Don't trust your government, they do not have your best interests in mind.

Obama Invests $5 Million In Bullshit Energy | ZeroHedge


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