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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ben Stein... "Obama is not a smart man"

In addition to not being a smart man, I think that this guy (Obamessiah)  is an emperor without clothes.  Almost everyone is calling him a smart man, the smartest guy in the room.  Why is that?  Is it his grades in school or all of the wonderful legislation that he fathered in the legislatures that he served?  Is it all of the scholarly material that he produced while employed in the law department of the University of Chicago or when he was editor of Harvard Law Review?  So how about school, what was his grades?  I do not think that any of this is relevant since this portfolio is devoid of anything that one could reasonably lean on.  So, why would anyone deign that he is smart man?  He has not governed very well but gets not just the benefit of a doubt by the press but they seem to be protecting him whenever they can. 

So what is it that makes a person like him, smart?  He is capable of public speaking, ok he can do that.  But this still does not make him a good president and does not make him smart.  Furthermore, what has made him a success in politics?  It surely is not due to capabilities or experience since he has or had, respectively. little of the two going into the job.  But I suggest that the press and many people give him much-to-much of a pass and overlooked what would be the normal national dialogue and press vetting.  Why?  Doesn't his past experience and present capabilities reflect on his current actions as president that deserves deep consideration of what I see as huge weaknesses and philosophical disconnects with many Americans?  Did people really think that they were getting what they thought they were getting when they voted this man into office?

I think that much of the national dialogue and vetting was toned down purely because he was a black negro candidate.  Kind of like reverse discrimination, that resulted in a kind of hysteria similar to what creates a bubble market where people just follow others into something stupid.  The Obamessiah is just another slick black kid that got over in college and afterwards since his teachers and those others were infected with the standard liberal necessity of overlooking mediocrity and making right those past wrongs by whites against blacks. So many many people bypassed and disregarded their duties and responsibilities as voters, agents of the press and citizens by not completely and thoroughly checking this candidate and now we are stuck with a buffoon. I find it very very difficult to respect anyone that voted for this guy, sorry but I am of the opinion that voters in the last election behaved stupidly.


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